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S M Sultan

Sheikh Mohammed Sultan, was a Bengali avant-garde artist who worked in painting and drawing. His fame rests on his striking depictions of exaggeratedly muscular Bangladeshi peasants engaged in the activities of their everyday lives.

Born: August 10, 1924, Narail District
Died: October 10, 1994, Jessore District
Artworks: Chardakhal, The Agrarian Bengali Musalman, Massacre, Gypsy Family, Farmer
Movies: The Inner Strength
Nationality: British Indian: 1924-1947

Pakistani : 1947-1971
Bangladeshi : 1971-1994

Awards: Ekushey Padak, Independence Day Award

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We love the art and philosophy of the sultan and the people of the art world.

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For the sake of the development of art and prosperity, we are trying to take forward the process of beautification of the arts through the interlocking and mail bonds of all artists.

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All the educational institutions and different creative, creative organizations and organizations of the country.

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